Our Educational Programs


Here at Pilates Plus Florida we are about education and teaching the principles of Joseph Pilates

designed to bring back balance throughout the body.

We  do privates, semi-privates, and group classes. Our programs are for the beginner to advanced student, athletes needing to balance out their bodies, chronic pain,  and all types of rehabilitation.

 We offer the Balance Body Teacher Training program and Continuing Education Workshops.

Our Teacher Training is located in Oceanridge, Fl  and can be brought to your studio.

Needing new ideas for training or Continuing Education credits?

Let us give you a list of our many workshop titles ranging from 3 hours to all day.

We are a  Educational Training Center









Posture 101

This experiential workshop is designed to help you identify your current posture type, to make adjustments to obtain your optimal alignment and to make the appropriate modifications for exercise. Once you can find your ideal posture, you can apply this approach to yourself. It will change your focus in how you set up your clients exercise program to maximize efficiency of movement.


You will learn the following;

                         Different posture types, what muscles are weak, which ones are over strong  how to                                                                       bring the body back into balance.

                       Learn how to use your smart phone/ Ipad and posture app’s to take pictures showing

     your clients their beginning posture and re-assess 60 days later showing the progress they have made

                      Learn how to do exercises for each posture type to bring clients back into balance

                      Finish the workshop learning how to stretch your clients efficiently with a

                                                            Introduction to the Pilates Stretch Method™ 



Held at Pilates Plus Florida Oceanridge, Fl.

Contact Pilates Plus Florida to register at 817-938-7552

Or at;  pilatesplusflorida@gmail.com

16 CEC hours            Cost $499.




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