Kathleen Haden

Kathleen Haden, has dedicated over 25 years to Fitness Training, Pilates and Massage Therapy. Kathleen has a BS in Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics/Dance, and a MBA in Marketing. She is a Master Pilates instructor trained by the some of Joseph Pilates original teachers; Eve Gentry, and Ron Fletcher. She is certified through Physical Mind Institute, Polestar, Balanced Body and PMA.. Her specialty is recognizing the imbalances in the body, approaching those imbalances with corrections for healing. Her extensive background in rehabilitation allows Kathleen to be innovative and creative in her clients' programming. She likes to keep up with the latest fitness trends while still using the traditional Pilates concepts. In working with private clients, she develops programs for her client’s to get them stronger and healthier on all levels.

Kathleen is currently a Master Trainer for Balanced Body teaching Pilates certification in SE Florida and is co-director of Good Vibrations Music Co and Yoga Acoustics.

Kathleen specializes in Orthopedic Massage, which involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of locomotors soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction.  The combination of these techniques will allow the client to obtain immediate and permanent results in even the most challenging and complicated cases. Kathleen has trained and taught along side with James Waslaski, an international lecturer  Kathleen is also an energy healer working on restoring mind, body, and spirit integration. Kathleen loves making stained glass, art, roller skating and paddleboarding in her free time. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers have all been in the Pilates, Massage, & Yoga industry for over 50 years all combined. Bringing all different types of skills to our teaching staff, we are proud to introduce our present teaching staff for our educational training.

John Anthony
John Anthony has a BFA in architectural design building homes in the resorts of Colorado. He has been in the the Health and Fitness arena for over 20 years as his side career to help himself and others stay strong. John is a Balance Body Mat and Reformer teacher, Power Yoga Instructor,  Massage Therapist, Musician and Sound Therapist. His diversified background helps his clients improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, and quality of life. He is Co-Director of Good Vibrations Music Co. His extensive background as a musician has taught him how to introduce frequencies in music that allow healing on the emotional, spiritual, and physical body. His originally composed music can be used in and out of the water for healing on all levels. He loves to create art for a hobby along with participating in all outdoor sports.


Christine Festa 

A certified yoga instructor located in South Florida who has a strong passion to encourage folks to move using yoga and other methods of body movement. I first discovered yoga years ago when I was looking for a way to de-stress from my fast-paced corporate job. I found myself in a quaint yoga studio in Central Jersey (where I grew up) having no idea what to expect. I struggled through my first class and made it all the way to savasana (final relaxation at the end of class). From then on, I was hooked. I discovered that yoga not only gave me a much-needed break from my hectic life, but it also calmed my mind and helped me remain in the present. My passion for the practice grew, and I soon found myself signing up for my first teacher training with YogaWorks. After countless hours of training, studying, and hard work, I became a 500 hour certified yoga instructor (CYT 500). My favorite part about teaching is helping students learn more about their bodies and how to move in a safe and practical way.

My teaching style is alignment-focused, informative, and fun. I can accommodate any level of yoga, whether the student is a novice looking to start a practice, or an advanced practitioner looking to perfect a handstand. I work well with injuries and other health conditions (please get permission from a medical professional before beginning a yoga practice). I incorporate self- massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls to help soften muscles, and relieve pain caused by deep knots. Christine has spent over a decade working in Corporate Sales & Marketing. Adding vibrational music to her life has helped her sleep, relax, and become more balanced. She now manages Sales & Marketing for Good Vibrations Music Co., and is happy to be a part of the team.


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